Field Trips

Field Trips

The Scientists' Society organizes field trips to local businesses and facilities engaged in enterprises related to science and technology.

For upcoming field trips, contact: Alex Ilori at (908) 507-4156 or at


Field trips focus on technically-oriented activities in the local Southwest Florida area. Recent field trips have included Algenol Biofuels, Inc., Lee County Sheriff's Office Forensic Center, LeeSar, Inc., Florida Highway Patrol Interagency Communications Center, University of Florida Southwest Agriculture Research and Education Center, WGCU TV and Radio Studios, Ecological Labs, Inc., Arcadia Aerospace, ecological tour of Bunche Beach, and Eastern Architectural Systems. Students, teachers and guests are invited to participate. Field trips often provide students their first opportunity to see STEM activities in action.

January 2023 Tour of Eastern Architectural Systems (EAS)

EAS has a 280,000 square foot facility in south Fort Myers and manufactures high quality regular and hurricane impact-resistant windows and doors, distributed by several prominent area businesses. EAS provided a very interesting description of their business and products, followed by a tour of their large manufacturing facility. Virtually all materials are manufactured in the U.S. In the photo below, Kevin Biehl is describing the manufacturing processes.

The Society's 2019 visit to the RTE (Refuse to Electricity) incinerator and recycling facility.