2024-2025 Officers and Directors


                President                        Mrs. Jacquelin Collins

                Vice-President               Mr. Frank Dengler

                Secretary-Treasurer      Mr. Herb Schneider


Directors (Board responsibilities in parentheses):

                Mr. Lester Bennington

                Dr. Richard Devlin (Nominating Committee Chair)

       Mrs. Susan Fay (Meeting Coordinator)

                Mr. Alex Ilori (Field Trip Coordinator)

                Mr. Renan Mota (Membership Chair)

                Mr. Dave Sampson (Science Fair Coordinator and Nominating Committee)

       Mrs. Trudy Sampson (Scholarship Chair)


       Note: Emeritus Directors (non-voting) are Ms. Colleen Wheeler, Mr. Chuck Fuechsel, Dr. Howard Harrison, Dr. Martin Hudis, Dr. Frank Palaia and Mr. John Tallman.

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