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Ask an Expert

Stumped by a science problem or need help in understanding something in your course material? Our members have experience in all branches of science and are happy to help. Topics may include biology, physics, chemistry, ecology, space travel, astrophysics, forensics, engineering, medicine and any other STEM area.

To ask an expert, send an email message with your question to Include your name, school and grade level. Allow a few days for us to reply.


Grants for STEM Teachers

Last year The Scientists’ Society started a grant program for science teachers. We awarded 28 teachers with a $200 grant to use for science supplies. The only requirement was to produce receipts. After receiving very positive feedback, we are running the program again this year, and forty $200 grants been approved. Send an email to to request an application.


The Scientists’ Society of SW Florida has many members willing to make formal or informal presentations on many STEM subjects drawing from experience gained in their current or former careers. Such presentations could be made to classes, science clubs or professional groups. Past topics have included aerospace and engineering, semiconductors, computer chips, space astronomy, preparing for a medical education, medical devices, nuclear medicine, physiology, physical therapy, fire science, biology, chemistry, etc.

To request a speaker or to suggest a topic please compose an email addressed to Include your name, the venue, the audience and requested dates (with alternatives). Allow a few days for us to reply.

Science Fair Judging

Because of the Covid-19 pandemic, during the past year teachers found it difficult and sometimes impossible to create the environment they needed to have Science Fairs for their students. This resulted in far fewer schools having their usual Science Fair. We are confident that we will return to normal during the 2021-2022 school year.

The Scientists’ Society, and I as the Coordinator, will work hard to support you. We will put together the judges, the speakers, and help with the products that you need to help you get to your goals. If you need to have us involved from the very first day of school right up to the time where we hand you the results of the judging that we complete for you, we will be there.

You can contact me, Dave Sampson, via cell phone or email to discuss what you need from us and when you need it.

Dave Sampson, Science Fair Coordinator

239 233 0762

Student/Teacher Recognition Dinner Meeting

All Lee County science teachers are invited to bring an outstanding student to be recognized during our annual Student-Teacher Dinner Meeting April 21, 2022. Selected science fair participants are invited to bring their science fair boards and display them during a social hour prior to the sit-down dinner. Society members are afforded the opportunity to review and discuss the boards with the students. Prizes and scholarships are announced and awarded. A speaker is selected to address the students encouraging them to carry on in their selected STEM fields. This dinner is the culmination to and highlight of our year. Contact for further information.

The costs of the dinners for students and teachers are paid by the Scientists' Society. Parents are encouraged to attend, but must make reservations and pay for their dinners.

We welcome your suggestions for other ways we may support you. Please contact with your comments.