Science Fair Judging

Judging - a Rewarding Experience!

Science Fairs

The 2022-2023 school year was vastly different from previous years. Hurricane Ian interrupted the school year and schools canceled their STEM projects. In addition, Covid was still impacting activities. Because of an emphasis on more traditional school studies, it was advised that STEM projects must be developed after hours. To complete science fair projects students and teachers had to spend extra time after school hours at the school. The “after school” direction did not impact private, charter and home schools. 

We were asked to provide judges for science fairs at just fifteen schools including only six public schools. Our usual number in years past is in the range of thirty to forty. The Society will continue to work with Lee County’s public-school leaders to learn what it will take to bring the schools back to being excited about STEM projects. STEM projects, also called Project Based Learning (PBL), have been proven over years to significantly contribute to the advanced learning process. Schools in Lee County that focus on PBL have had great success in STEM thinking and education. 

Regional Science Fair

Our members serve as judges for the Regional Science Fair which is held each Spring.

Training for Judges

All members are eligible to judge science fairs, regardless of their college degrees. We need You! New judges are welcome and needed! Dave Sampson, our Science Fair Coordinator, will provide training, including setting up opportunities to observe actual judging sessions 

Please contact Dave Sampson at 239-233-0762 or to sign up to be a judge and schedule training.