Science Fair Judging

Judging - a Rewarding Experience!

Science Fairs

During the 2019-2020 school year, we set a science fair judging record. Forty of our judges provided nearly 1,950 individual judging events to 36 Lee County elementary, middle and high schools, including private schools, charter schools and home-schooled students. Unfortunately, due to the Covid pandemic, during the 2020-2021 school year all in-school science fair judging was suspended. Virtual judging resumed during 2021-2022 and 25 schools participated. We were looking forward to returning to normal during 2022-2023, but unfortunately, Hurricane Ian intervened and resulted in many schools cancelling their science fairs. We are currently resuming in-school judging with a smaller number of schools.

Regional Science Fair

Our members serve as judges for the Regional Science Fair which is held each Spring.

Special Events

Some of our members also participated in a special project conducted by fourth grade students from Orange Park Elementary. The students investigated the designing of “green islands” where the carbon footprints were to be at a minimum yet still have 1,000 people living, eating and moving about. It was very exciting for all 45 student teams as well as the Scientists’ Society participants! We hope to participate in similar events again next year.

Training for Judges

All members are eligible to judge science fairs, regardless of their college degrees. We need You! New judges are welcome and needed! Dave Sampson, our Science Fair Coordinator, will provide training, including setting up opportunities to observe actual judging sessions

Please contact Dave Sampson at 239-233-0762 or to sign up to be a judge and schedule training.