Scholarships and Grants

Scholarships and Grants

The Scientists' Society's Scholarship and Grants program supports and encourages students interested in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM), and focuses particularly on younger students who are still undecided as to their future.

During 2020-2021, our generous donors enabled us to budget $18,000 for Scholarships and Grants. We supported 28 science teachers by giving each a $200 grant for supplies to be used in their classrooms; approved funding for three, $1000 college-bound scholarships; provided $4500. to the Whittaker Center at FGCU for Coding and Mathletes Summer Camps for middle schools students as well as the GEMS (Girls in Engineering, Math and Science) program; STEM summer camps at the Edison Ford estates for $2500 and $1000 for their Robotics program. Supporting the Edison Regional Science Fairs, we recognized 8 outstanding students for a total of $500.

During our current year, 2021-2022, we have increased our budget to $19,500. Included are $8000 to assist science teachers in purchasing STEM teaching materials (40 teachers' applications have been approved); $4500 for the FGCU Coding Camp, Mathletes Camp and GEMS; $3500 for Edison Ford's summer camps ($2500) and Robotics Program ($1000); $1000 for Technology Student Associations; and $500 for Lee Schools Regional Science and Inventors Fair awards.


We hope to inspire excitement in STEM throughout the students' education. Please join our donors in contributing to our STEM education fund this year. We have two restricted contributions funds: STEM Education, which funds our programs to encourage elementary, middle and high school students in Lee County develop an increase their interest in science and support science teachers through grants, and Student-Teacher Dinners, which pay for the dinners of the outstanding students and their teachers who we invite to attend our April student recognition and awards program. All contributions to these funds are restricted only to those programs. Our third fund is non-restricted and used for other elements of our mission as approved by our Board of Directors.

We encourage your contributions so we may continue to expand our positive impact on STEM interest and education.